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Entropia Universe is an advanced 3D online virtual environment
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The Entropia Universe is a MMORPG created by the Swedish development studio MindArk. The first "planet" in the Entropia Universe is called Calypso. This is not a MMORPG where you are in a medieval fantasy world performing quests with magi and elves. The setting of this RPG is a futuristic universe. There are guns and futuristic equipment and houses in the planet, as well as many other things. But none of this seems to be the real feature of the game. The game is free, so anyone can create an account, download the client and start playing. However, the currency inside the game is linked with real-life currency. There is a currency conversion between the in-game PED (the name of Entropia currency) and US dollars. This means that every object inside the game has a value. It also means that if you sell objects you can earn real-life money. This all sounds very good, but the fact is that when you start the game you really need to exchange some dollars for PED in order to start really enjoying the game. Sure, you can harvest free resources and sell it to other gamers and start up, but this might take some time. Overall, the game is really well designed with very nice features, it has a solid player base so there is no shortage in people to find. If you are into MMORPGs or want to explore a new concept in video-games, then give Entropia a try.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great game
  • Good real-life cash concept


  • You need to deposit some money to really start playing
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